Jaclyn; Between Dark Spaces

About a week ago I met up with a friend of mine, Jaclyn, for an early morning Lifestyle/Beauty session. Originally the whole session was planned from a completely different place and theme... I was thinking bohemenian beauty, flowers, soft pastels, and a full on nature backdrop in the heart of Canmore Alberta. However- that would mean all of us getting up around 4am to catch the morning light. Soooo that wasn't happening...

Instead I found this sweet little place that blended the cold/dark essence of architecture lines with the soft beauty of nature off of the bow river in Calgary, Alberta. I loved the black dress Jaclyn brought with her as it created an added contrast to the palette. Soft morning light peeked over the north hills and it was magic. Here are a few of my favorite shots from this session...

It goes to show... its great to have a plan, but sometimes its ok to switch things up and try something different! Never get too rigid, always leave room for play and improvisation!

Keep your eyes peeled for this young woman, she was a contestant in Miss Teen Canada in 2013, a part-time model, philanthropist, volunteer, a journalist student with a big heart and even bigger dreams! 

Oh... and did I mention I was shooting with the wrong lens the entire time? These things happen, gotta roll with it and learn from it. 

Jamie Hyatt

Jamie Hyatt Photography, Calgary, Canada

Wedding & Interior Design Photographer in Calgary, Alberta.