I am so excited that you want to read more about me! Connecting with others is my favourite thing
- well, besides my incredibly cool job. Read on to learn more and I hope I get to know you a bit better too!



Most days you can find me with the two loves of my life, my hunky fiance Landon (see above) and my puppy Ella. A french press is usually an arms reach away, I'm generally snap-chatting, busting out mid-day jam sessions in my office (I'm learning the ukulele), hitting up a yoga class or laying low with a good book. 

I'm mostly known for being a wedding +  interior design photographer.  My best friend calls me the "idea generator" and I am a creative coach to aspiring entrepreneurs. I'm obsessed with stationary, all things Harry Potter, and learning new things like water-colouring. Occasionally I hike, drink vino, and attend bi-weekly game nights with friends.

My mission statement in life is "all
heart, all the time." MEANING DO ALL THINGS FROM THE PUREST PLACE OF YOUR SPIRIT + live intentionally.

I love serving the world through a visual platform. I love photographing people who are over-the-moon in love and  gorgeous spaces that inspire and enrich our outwardly experience. Connecting the external with the internal. 

My photography style is genuine, joyful, and full of light. It has a bit of a modern twist as I bring a soft, minimalistic and architectural eye. I love capturing real candid moments like you tearing up, hugging your Dad after his speech, or how your beau looks at you while you aren't watching. I like to keep things laid-back, full hearted, while providing quality imagery. So thats me- in a nutshell.

I live in Calgary, AB.  but constantly on the move. My next 2017 travels are taking me to China (Shanghai!), Italy, Chicago with plans to stop in California and possibly Arizona and New York.


My Lyme Disease Journey

Just recently I shared my prognosis of have late stage chronic lyme disease. If you would love to follow along on my journey, learn more about the disease, feel free to follow along on my blog series which you can view here. I try to keep it very positive. I know there are so much doom-and-gloom out there when it comes to this chronic disease but I believe keeping a positive outlook while fighting  is incredibly important. 




basically if you were living in my head type of blog posts! 


that time i was in california...